Peachtree City Foamcraft Monument SignsPeachtree City Foamcraft Monument Signs

Peachtree City Foamcraft Customer Testimonials

FASTSIGNS Tuscaloosa"Peachtree City Foamcraft is easily my #1 go-to manufacturer of synthetic foam signs! Their team is great to work with and their knowledge of the product is indispensable when selling the benefits of these types of signs to clients. One of our most well received monument signs was a project which I relied heavily on Peachtree's expertise as our client had many special requests which included not only illuminated channel letters, but running gas lines to lanterns, a recessed base so that recovered brick could be laid around it, and even mounting areas for cast iron fencing to be added between the columns and body of the sign. I am able to send the simplest 2-D concepts and notes to them, and Peachtree City Foamcraft brings the projects to life!""

- Megan Galaviz, FASTSIGNS of Tuscaloosa

360 Signs MonumentI was coming into our fair city this morning as a passenger and had the great pleasure of hearing the person driving look at our new entry sign and excitedly exclaim – “Wow – what a GREAT sign. That really looks nice and makes a great impression. Good job.”

I was thrilled to hear such unsolicited exuberance about our new sign and just wanted to thank Ray and all the folks at GICSIGNS for making it for us and Texas Direct Auto for honoring their commitment and procuring it for us. Making a difference in our city one sign at a time... Thank You ALL!

- Charles Jessup, Mayor of Meadows Place, Texas

360 Signs LogoA job done well and in a timely fashion keeps clients returning to our shop over and over again.

I have found that I can rely on Mike Fetter and his talented team at Peachtree City Foamcraft to deliver quality products, on time as promised, to me consistently. We know that every sign we install using a monument fabricated by Peachtree City will elicit one response by the customer on the day of installation - "Wow!"

- Pat Schoelen, President, Designs of the Times

360 Signs Monument

Sign-A-Rama BurnabyOur first monument sign that we installed was supplied by you about a year ago. It was easy to install and the client loved it (standard model 21 5’ x 8’).

The client called us last week to say that her monument sign was HIT by a car. She was extremely worried about it as she stated on the phone, it was leaning and bits and pieces were everywhere. Thinking the worst, we asked her to send us some pictures right away so we could plan our strategy on helping this client. Here are the pictures we received:

Before and after photo of monument hit by car

However, upon closer inspection, we discovered the following:

  • Sign was hit so hard that the Cement foundation and Install aluminum poles were pushed forward and up displacing the ground in front of the sign.
  • Front acrylic sign face was absolutely destroyed. AND
  • No visible damage to the monument sign other than scratched paint…yep, that all there was. AMAZING!!!!!

No visible damage to the monument sign

There seems to be a little damage to the foam underneath the outer layer but still, WOW. The client is even more happy with her purchase now.

Thanks Peachtreee,

- Stephen E. Smith, Owner, Sign-A-Rama Burnaby

360 Signs Logo"We are a commercial sign company and specialize in commercial property signage. A recent stone monument sign we installed took three weeks to build on-site. My first Peachtree Foamcraft sign was installed in less than three hours!"

"I was very impressed with the Peachtree team from the very start. They helped me understand the technology, provided a sample kit, and gave me lots of presentation materials. When it came time to put together the customer proposal, the Peachtree team made sure I had all the bases covered; they even helped make sure my sign permit package was accurate and complete. The manufacturing team helped to match the brick pattern of the building where the sign was going to be installed. We used Benjamin Moore colors so we met the customer’s color requirements exactly. The easiest part of the process was the installation. We used the Optional Mounting System and it worked perfectly."

360 Signs Monument"The customer was thrilled with the sign. We added two printed signs mounted on acrylic to the sign face that we installed on standoffs. Their leadership team came out and inspected the sign up close and commented that they needed a sign like this at another location."

"These signs are a great product to sell because it is easy to exactly meet the customer’s requirements and the speed of installation is a real benefit as well because there is less on-site disruption to their activities. I look forward to selling many more."

- Tom Humphries, 360 Signs, Austin, TX

360 Signs Monument

Sign A Rama -  Irmo, SC

"The photo with the sign leaning against the tree is after the sign was hit by a car and post pulled out of the ground. The second photo is the sign after we re-installed it after only touching up a small piece in the top corner with paint. The car driver had no insurance. The good news is that we were able to re-install the sign for less that the insurance deductible. The dentist was very happy and my smile was improved by a free teeth cleaning!"

- Barry Johns, Owner, Sign A Rama, Irmo, SC

Sign A Rama before and after Monument Sign


Sign A Rama - Cherry Hill

Blistered Sign"Three of the four first monuments we had manufactured by other companies back in 2004 had significant problems. One had blisters in the stucco finish in less than a year. Foamcraft replaced it for us. One started to rot or soften under the stucco finish and will need to be replaced."

"We started using Foamcraft on the fifth monument and we have continued the partnership. We have, together, designed, fabricated and installed close to 50 monuments. For the last two years faux monuments is by far our number one selling product."

Monument"The left was our 5th monument fabricated with Foamcraft. About a year after installation our customer (our largest at the time) called very upset. The finials (balls) were broken off and there were holes in the face. I called Mike with the info. The next morning Mike drove over 3 1/2 hours to Poughkeepsie, NY. He call and said "I can't find one of the balls, but the other looks like a baseball bat hit it. And I dug into the holes and discovered they were bullet holes!" Within a week, Foamcraft sent two new finials with 1/2" steel shafts and a repair kit."


Peachtree Monument with Finials"The monument to the right was installed early this year. Within two months, our customer called and said the balls broke off. Mike and I agreed that together we should not have designed this style finial for the area they were placed. Within one week we redesigned, Mike removed all 8 finials, formed the caps, coated and painted like new. What a hero! No supplier in any business that I have been involved in 30+ years has impressed me more. Thank you Mike, Larry, Hawk, Gary, Jim, Katie and all!"

"Some folks may not know this. The state of Delaware will only allow us to use faux monuments for safety reasons. The specs actually state the specific materials and fabrication by Peachtree Foamcraft (or equal). The below was creamed by something. No one knows by what. The community has asked us to replace the face and reinstall to existing undamaged foam pillars. We won't need your help Mike!"

- Chuck, Sign-A-Rama of Cherry Hill, NJ.

Foamcraft Pillar stands up to destruction Pillar with Damage

Universal Images Signs LogoUniversal Images Signs Monument"We learned of Peachtree from the Fort Worth Sign show 2 Years ago. Since Then we have not used any other Company. The Welcome to Jay sign was installed on a slab foundation. Total installation time that Clyde and myself took less than 1 ½ hours saving many $ in install labor cost."

"The client was so thrilled with the outcome of the sign that we will be getting more orders for this sign in the near sometime this year. Thanks to Hawk and Gary and their help in working with us on getting the rock (Sandstone) look to match the landscape here in Grove and Jay."

"This is our 2nd sign from Peachtree and from the all the feedback we have received it won’t be last. Thanks again Peachtree especially Hawk and Gary and all the staff. You have made my job a lot easier."

- Buddie Ramsey, Owner, Universal Images Ltd.

Sign A Rama - Framingham

"Two Years ago we did a select-sign monument for an upscale health and retirement facility. The sign was beautifully designed but after 2 years, fell victim to vandalism. Since the original manufacturer, FSI Products went out of business, I called Mike Fetter, at Peachtree City Foamcraft for help. Mike has worked with SIGN*A*RAMA of Framingham on 2 other sign projects since FSI went under."

Custom Monument by Peachtree for Sign-A-Rama, Framingham"Without hesitation, Mike personally came up to Boston, completed the necessary repairs and matched the colors of the signs to the best of his ability (since the original manufacturer used different materials and a different paint system). For 2 days, Mike used his knowledge and experience in these types of sign systems to work his magic. He took a very personal interest in the project. You would have thought that Peachtree built the sign originally. Mike was impressive and did a phenomenal job! After witnessing his conviction to help me, I was convinced that Peachtree and Mike is more than a vendor to SIGN*A*RAMA, they are a valued partner."

- Jeff Newman, President, SIGN*A*RAMA, Framingham, MA

Dear Partners at Peachtree City Foamcraft,

Cornerstone Companies TestimonialWhen a client orders a new stucco monument sign, the pressures are on to make it right. When they order two at a time like my last client did, it is mandatory that we are working with the very best in the industry. You fabricated our design flawlessly. You spoke up instantly when you had a question. You delivered on time as promised. Once again, you went above and beyond and made our service to our client all that we wanted it to be.

Our client is grateful. We are as well. We are on to the next project. We expect perfection from you again. Why? Because you have proven you can deliver it.

Cornerstone Companies LLC
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Sign-A-Rama NJ Testimonial pictureSign-A-Rama Logo

"This was a big one, about 22ft. long by 9ft. high by 3ft deep. And, Peachtree Foamcraft came through for us again! Talk about on time delivery...Because of the size of this monument, we had to take delivery on site on the day of install. Everything had to go off on schedule, and it did. The site was prepared and inspected and the unit was delivered and installed on the same day. WOW!

But, there was much more.  The folks at Peachtree walked us through this one all the way. We had never done one like this before and it went off without a hitch.  I can't decide if it looks better during the day or at night...THANKS PEACHTREE!"

- Jerry Steinhoff, Sign-A-Rama, Somerdale, NJ.

"Elmark Graphics would like to express our gratitude to the staff of Peachtree City Foamcraft. We first learned of your company at the Sign Show in Atlantic City, NJ in December of 2005 and have been very impressed with your products and services ever since. Every correspondence we have had with your organization has been handled in a prompt, professional, courteous and friendly manner."

"The sign was installed on schedule and it looks spectacular!""We wish to extend special recognition and thanks to Larry and Jim of your Schnecksville, PA office. Two weeks ago, we received a beautifully manufactured monument sign for The Chester County Library. Two days before the scheduled installation, we learned that the LED Supplier had provided the wrong dimension for the LED boxes and the sign was made with an opening too small for the LEDs. In a panic, we called Larry and explained our dilemma. He arranged for Jim (your designer) to come to our office to assist us. Jim arrived an hour after our phone call and worked with our staff and the LED supplier to expand the opening and refinish the sign. The sign was installed on schedule and it looks spectacular!"

"Please extend our thanks to your entire staff and especially to Larry and Jim for a job, not just well done…but a job EXCEPTIONALLY done!"

"We look forward to may years of working with Peachtree City Foamcraft."

- Marjorie Wentz, Elmark Graphics Inc.

Sign-A-Rama, Buckhead Logo“My company has been very fortunate to be in the Atlanta area. We are working a multiple park project with the City of Sandy Springs and we could not be happier with the result. As a matter of fact, Corey went that extra mile to help me sell the product to the customer and even assisted with the first installation. We are now planning the last stage of phase 1 with the city and hope to start on phase two soon. I really appreciate the effort to help us market. Thanks!"

- Stephen Ory, Sign-A-Rama Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

Sign-A-Rama, GA

Dominion Marketing Testimonial Pictures

“I have been doing business with Peachtree Foamcraft for over three years now and not once have I ever had a problem. Jim Anderson and Gary Ortiz have been great to work with and I plan on continuing doing business with you guys. The product and workmanship is outstanding and my clients love the monuments that you build so much so that I have literally built a business with your monuments being one of my primary and best selling products.”

- Kenneth Yancey, Dominion Marketing, Stockbridge, GA

"Every job has been delivered before the due date and the way that they are crated is great"
"We at Wild Bill and Associates have been dealing with Peachtree City Foamcraft for about 6 or 7 years and I can't begin to say what a pleasure they are to deal with."

"Every job has been delivered before the due date and the way that they are crated is great. The quality is superb."

"We don't even look at their competitors."

- Wild Bill Betz, Wild Bill Signs

Sign Company Testimonial

"The customers LOVE their sign. We do too."

"Thanks again!"

- Jeff Harker, Kessler Sign Company

Sign Testimonial



"Here is a snapshot of the sign we installed at Bogey Hills. Thanks for your great products and service."

- Jack, The DeSIGNery Shop



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