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Peachtree City Foamcraft vs. Competition - Monument Finishing Systems

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4 Identical monuments, using 4 different finishing systems…
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  • EIFS (aka Dryvit) signageEIFS (aka Dryvit) signage
  • Standard Plastic Polymer signageStandard Plastic Polymer signage
  • Urethane signage signageUrethane signage
  • Poly Armor Polymer signagePoly Armor Polymer signage


Poly-Armor™ Hard Coat - Peachtree City Foamcraft EXCLUSIVE

Rating: 5 Stars!

The Poly-Armor™ finishing system was developed by Peachtree City Foamcraft and  their chemical supplier. This superior finishing system was created specifically with monument signs in mind. Using a combination of foam and plastic – this hard coat system is engineered for long term durability and unmatched impact resistance. Monument signs finished with a Poly-Armor™ coating are lightweight and resistant to moisture, rot and termites. In addition they boast superior impact resistance – as the only wholesale monument signs in the industry to be independently tested and approved to withstand 180 MPH Winds!  No primer is required, there are no seemed or jointed pieces and no cracking or separation. The exclusive Poly-Armor™ hard coat formula used allows for superior durability in extreme climate changes.

Standard Plastic Polymer - Competitor

Rating: 3 Stars

The Standard Plastic Polymer hard coat system uses a combination of foam and plastic to offer good weather and impact resistance. There are no seemed or jointed pieces and no cracking or separation. Impact resistance is good.

Urethane - Competitor

Rating: 3 Stars

See why the hammer test proves our finishing system - Poly Armor Polymer!Urethane is the most common hard coat system used for monument signs, it is also the cheapest hard coat. Urethane requires self etching primers to allow material to adhere to it. In addition, Urethane has a low expansion and contraction rate – which will cause cracking, allow for water to penetrate the monument structure and often delimitation occurs. There is no impact resistance at all with this type of sign.

EIFS Monument Signs (aka Dryvit) - Competitor

Rating: 2 Stars

EIFS is an inexpensive building system that uses a combination of plywood, foam, a mesh base coat and an acrylic finish. The EIFS/Dryvit finishing system is built on site and can only be sealed from the exposed sides, allowing moisture to penetrate from the bottom or any area subject to vandalism. While EIFS Systems often cost less, they are prone to dry rot and monument signs that use this finishing system have a high failure rate.

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