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PVC Standard Styles

Designing and selling turn-key PVC signs has never been easier. As the leading manufacturer of wholesale-only PVC signs, we are pleased to offer four standard styles to choose from: Franklin, Colonial, Revere and Victorian. We invite you download our standard designs in .EPS or .PDF format below or send us your custom PVC sign design.

Looking to add design elements such as posts, caps, rider panels or hanging signs to your next PVC project? Download our add-ons design template in .EPS or .PDF format.


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PVC Sign Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I install a PVC Sign?

    Our PVC sign panels are designed to be installed in between two PVC posts using our unique snap-lock system. Alternatively, they can be fastened into posts on installed into other substrates using mechanical fasteners. For wall mounted PVC signs, we offer a unique Back Track Sign Mounting system which is self-leveling and allows for expansion and contraction when the panel in direct sunlight and weather elements. Learn more about PVC sign installation techniques here. (Link to:
  2. Is PVC durable?

    Yes, PVC is durable and attractive. In fact, it is virtually maintenance-free. PVC is inherently moisture resistant and will not rot.
  3. What sizes are available?

    Our wholesale PVC sign blanks come standard in 1” thickness. They can, however, be built up to any thickness. We can cut PVC Sign blanks, in any shape, in one piece up to 4’x10′. Larger sizes are available; however, they require visible seams.
  4. What is the difference between HDU, PVC and Wood sign panels?

    Wood requires maintenance, while PVC is essentially maintenance-free. Wood is not resistant to termites and rot; PVC and HDU are impervious to these issues. Wood and HDU panels do not withstand direct impact well. PVC panels are rigid, we have seen several take a direct hit with a baseball bat and come away with nothing but a scuff. Paint on wood will eventually peel. We use a proprietary formula to ensure that the paint on our PVC and HDU signs are essentially “peel proof”.
  5. Can PVC signs be painted?

    Yes! While PVC sign blanks come unfinished, ready for paint; all of our PVC sign panels and turn- key PVC sign systems are finished with an acrylic paint. We use a special additive during the finishing process which essentially “welds” the paint to the panel, eliminating peeling in the sun and preserving vibrant colors—normally prone to premature fading. When designing PVC signs, light colors are recommended. Dark colors are not recommended as they, like any dark-colored object, absorb solar radiation at a higher rate. As a result, darker colored PVC panels are at a greater risk of warping.
  6. What colors are available?

    There are lots of colors available! Choose from our standard color chart (link to color chart) or we can custom match any Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Pittsburgh Paint color. Please note there is an additional fee for custom colors.

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