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PVC Sign Installation

Our PVC sign panels are distinctively designed to be installed in between two PVC posts using our unique snap-lock system. Alternatively, PVC sign panels can be fastened onto two posts or installed onto various substrates such as aluminum, wood or brick using mechanical fasteners. The type of fasteners will vary depending on which type of substrate your PVC sign panel is being mounted to.

PVC Post & Panel Snap Lock System

This unique snap lock system is included with all PVC post and panel kits ordered through Peachtree City Foamcraft. The system allows the 1” thick Kommerling PVC panel to seamlessly interlock with the 4” x 4” PVC post.

Snap Lock System Graphic

PVC Snap Lock System Instructions

Unpack the PVC Post & Panel kit. When unpacking the kit, lay one of the posts down with the groove facing up. Next, lift the PVC panel, using the top edge of the notched tab and slide it into the groove. You will slide it the entire way up until it stops. Next, rotate the tab into the groove, aligning the bottom grooves of the PVC panel into the PVC post. Finally, pull the panel down, which will snap it into place.

Repeat the process, as shown, on the other side using the post only. If installed correctly, the tabs will create a permanent installation solution, requiring no mechanical fasteners.

Download PVC Snap Lock System Instructions

Back Track PVC Sign Mounting System

The BACKTRACK sign mounting system is designed to solve common installation issues. In example, leveling, centering and re-leveling due to poor drilling of holes can waste valuable time and money. This mounting system automatically levels the sign allowing the panel to be centered easily.

BackTrack Mounting System

Drilling holes in mortar joints or brick can be tricky using traditional installation methods. The BACKTRACK mounting system, however, provides a clean sign surface that is blemish free. There are no unsightly bolts or unnecessary holes in the sign.

Have you ever had issues with bird’s nesting behind a sign or water intrusion? If so, this unique mounting system eliminates these issues. The system acts as a wedge in between the building and the sign.

Z-Bracket PVC Sign Installation System

The Z-Bracket PVC sign mounting system is designed specifically for our PVC post and panel sign systems.

Z-Bracket Mounting System

The brackets which resemble a Z shape are screwed into the sign face. The top Z bracket rests on the top bar. The bar sits on the second Z bracket.  This system creates a unique lock that makes installation a breeze.


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