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Wholesale PVC Sign Blanks 

We offer affordable PVC sign blanks 100% wholesale-only to the retail sign industry. Choose from one of our standard sign shapes or send us your custom design shape. PVC sign blanks can be easily customized. In fact, several of our sign shop clients keep a small stock of PVC blanks in their shop. Later, they customize the blanks with vinyl or digital prints to quickly meet the needs of their clients.

PVC sign blanks can be easily duplicated. They are preferred product for street signs, address plaques and way-finding signage. Our CNC technology allows us to quickly duplicate custom sign shapes for high volume orders, with ease.

Not only is PVC durable and attractive, it is virtually maintenance-free. PVC is moisture resistant and will not rot. Moreover, it is extremely versatile. PVC sign blanks can be carved, painted or customized with digital prints, textures and other artistic mediums. As such, the commercial-grade PVC sign blanks make a perfect canvas for sign shops to customize and meet the needs of their clients.

PVC Blanks Size, Design and Thickness

Our wholesale PVC sign blanks come standard in 1” thickness. They can, however, be built up to any thickness. We can cut PVC Sign blanks, in any shape, in one piece up to 4’x10′. Larger sizes are available; however, they require visible seams.

We invite you to download our standard PVC sign blank shapes here. If you would like a custom sign shape manufactured, send your design to us. We can accept the following file formats: .pdf, .cdr (Corel Draw), .eps and .ai (Adobe Illustrator).

PVC vs. Wood

  • Wood requires maintenance. PVC is essentially maintenance free.
  • PVC is durable. Wood and HDU panels do not withstand direct impact well. We have seen several PVC panels get hit by a car or baseball bat and walk-way with nothing but a scuff on the face of the sign!
  • Paint on wood will eventually peel. We use a proprietary formula that preserves the color and makes the surface “peel-proof”. 
    • Please note, standard sign blanks DO NOT come painted. You must specify you want your blank painted at the time you place the order. This is extra.
    • Dark colors are not recommended as they, like any dark-colored object, absorb solar radiation at a higher rate. As a result, darker colored PVC panels are at a greater risk of warping.  

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