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How Much Do I Mark-Up A Monument Sign?


You ask... We answered.

"I would like to learn what other people are charging for their finished foamcore signs? Are they charging too little, to much, or just right? Since I have done several through the years my customer are not as skeptical as they where early on thinking since they are foam they should be cheap, what is the best way to prove that foamcore signs are great"?

That is a great question, and one that we receive more often than you would think. Let's tackle the first portion of your question - what are OTHER sign shops charging for finished foamcore monument signs? The answer changes depending on who you ask, when you ask and where you ask. I know this answer is cliche so let me go into greater detail...

The price customers will pay for their finished foam monument signs varies by region. For example, in the northeast we find that spring/summer/fall are peak times for monument signs ESPECIALLY spring, since everyone has been cooped up from the snow... so businesses will pay more for their monument signage. In the south and far west it is the opposite - fall and winter are often peak seasons for sign installation and monument sales since the temperatures are much cooler. On the other hand, foamcore monument signs ARE easier to install than traditional structures built of brick or store and DO NOT need to be built on site so YOU can be highly competitive and install your finished monument signs regardless of the heat.

So you want an actual NUMBER ? The average mark-up of a Peachtree City Foamcraft monument sign is between 75 and 100%, if you using a lesser markup, you may be leaving valuable money on the table. See for yourself... Send your monument design to a local general contractor and/or mason and ask them to bid the project having them build it on site using traditional materials. 99 times out of 100 - your cost will be MUCH less (even with your 75-100% markup), plus you don't need heavy machinery or an entire crew to install the exterior site signage - so you can be competitive on the price you charge for installation.

The last part of your question, proving foamcore monument signs are great.... Clients are often skeptical of the word "foam" in foamcore. Monument is a majestic word but foam makes them wonder if their signage will be able to stand up to the elements and the test of time. Here's what you need to know about Peachtree City Foamcraft monument signs - we are the only wholesale manufacturer to have our product independently TESTED and APPROVED to withstand 175 mph words. How? Our exclusive plastic poly-armor (TM) hardcoat allows our product to expand within the means of the plastic without degradation like urethane or eifs monument signs. Foamcore monument signs are JUST AS DURABLE as traditional monument signs AND they are lightweight, offering sign shops and businesses alike, the BEST of both worlds.

View our hammer test and learn more about the differences between various hardcoat systems on our website.

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