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Becker Signs - February's Featured Sign Shop!


Hudson, Ohio based sign shop Becker Signs knows how to design a cool monument sign. Check out these two rockin' foamcore monument signs designed by Becker Signs.

We caught up with Karen Becker of Becker Signs, who gave us the details...

"The curved stone sign is installed in Bath, Ohio.
The Jefferson Park monuments are in Fairlawn, OH, Middleburg Heights, OH, and Mayfield Village, OH. You [Peachtree City Foamcraft] is making several others... [which] are going in Copley, OH, Green, OH, Richfield, OH and Jackson Township, OH."

The foam monument signs pictured were designed by Becker Signs and manufactured by wholesale monument sign manufacturer, Peachtree City Foamcraft. The foamcore monument signs featured were manufactured usingan expanded polystyrene foam core that allows the structure to be lightweight.

The EPS foam core was then sprayed with Peachtree City Foamcraft's exclusive poly-armor(TM) hardcoat to allow the structure to have exceptional durability properties including the ability to withstand 175 MPH winds. In addition to the unique durability and lightweight components of the foamcore monument sign, they also have some other very cool features - they are rot resistant, termite resistant and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, including sub-zero temperatures to desert heat!

Let's break down the elements that Becker Signs included in their stucco monument sign design for these two projects. Rosh Pinah Congregation is highly customized design that incorporated hand sculpted faux stone accents, often used to compliment a clients' existing landscape or to match a building or corporate structure. The shape of the architectural sign gives passerbys the appearance that the sign panel is carved into stone, while the light textured background of the panel compliments the text on the sign and makes it "pop" to passerby's.

The Jefferson Park monument sign design takes a more traditional approach, using Peachtree City Foamcraft's Standard Model #3 - Becker Signs customized the design adding a hand sculpted faux brick base to the stucco sign structure.

The raised text of "Jefferson Park" stands out, while allowing the intregrated panels to be part of the sign, without overwhelming those looking to find direction. There is a fine balance that must be acheived when one sign is needed to communicate the message of several different businesses and Becker Signs did a great job on designing the architectural sign to meet that objective.

Notice the custom graphic in the "cut-out" of this panel, instead of leaving this area blank - they utilized the design and placed a custom graphic in the center which is naturally highlighted by the "cut-out" and looks as if it belongs thanks to the neutral color they chose for the structure- love this subtle touch!

Finally, ground lighting was installed to highlight the monument sign at night. We think both of these signs are shining stars from the monument sign design to the installation, which is why we are pleased to announce that Becker Signs is our sign shop of the month!

For more information on Becker Signs, click on the business card below. If you would like to have a monument sign project featured on The Foam Monument Blog, send us your artwork and a brief description and YOU could be named March's sign shop of the month!

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