Peachtree City Foamcraft Monument SignsPeachtree City Foamcraft Monument Signs

Peachtree City Foamcraft is proud to provide the complete solution, when it comes to monument signs!

From Foamcore Monuments to fifty foot tall Pole Signs, we can provide assistance for all of your graphics needs.

  • Raised Graphics
  • Half the cost of traditional sandblasted or carved panels!Recessed Graphics
  • Dimensional Letters
  • LED Message Center
  • Illuminated Cabinet
  • Interchangeable Copy Board
  • Dimensional Appliqués
  • Carved or Sandblasted Sign Panels
  • Hand Sculpted Brick & Stone Accents

All graphics are hard coated with our patented, Poly-Armor™ hard coat and sprayed with a beautiful stucco finish, painted any color of your choice.

FAQ SectionClick here for Monument Graphics FAQ's

Interchangeable copy, LED Message Boards

Raised and Recessed Graphics and Dimensional Letters

We invite you to view our other stucco monument sign enhancement
options including hand sculpted faux brick and stone accents,
3d foam props, and architectural accents.

Monument Graphics FAQ's

1. How are Raised and Recessed Monument Graphics Created?

Our recessed monument graphics are custom cut during the manufacturing process of your monument sign. They are cut to your specifications, and then the entire sign is encapsulated in our exclusive, Poly-Armor™ Hard Coat. After the hard coat is applied, a 100% acrylic stucco finish is sprayed on the surface of the entire sign. Our in house artist will then paint the letters of your recessed graphics, if you desire. As for raised graphics, they are custom cut separate from your sign, and then applied to your Signage with a special glue. After the letters have been adhered to your sign a hard coat is Applied, and the stucco finish is sprayed. Our in house artists will paint the raised letters to Your specifications as well.

2. Does Peachtree City Foamcraft manufacture Dimensional Letters?

Yes, Peachtree City Foamcraft offers custom dimensional letters they are cut from a solid Block of expanded polystyrene foam, and then encapsulated in our exclusive Poly-Armor™ hard coat. After the hard coat is applied, a 100% acrylic, light stucco textured finish is applied. You can have your Letters painted to match any PMS, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore Color.

3. How Do I Install a Carved/Sandblasted Panel on my eps sign?

Carved and Sandblasted Panels can easily be applied to your eps foam sign. Depending on the size of your sign panel, you can use the following installation Methods: patterns and studs, silicone base glue, or we can recess substrate into your sign a And you can drill through the sign face and directly into your monument signage.

4. How Do I Install Dimensional Letters on my monument sign?

Dimensional Letters can be applied to your monument signage using a variety Of installation methods including: pin mounting, patterns & studs, or silicone based glue.

5. How Are Monument Signs with EMC or LED Components Designed?

It depends on the type of LED. Most LED’s require access to the back of the unit for installation. When access through the back of the unit is required, Peachtree City Foamcraft will manufacture the foamcore monument structure in 2 pieces. Cooling fans are another consideration, those that vent from the front simplify things, but we will work with you to create a plan that will Meet your needs. Designing Monument Signs will integrated components is easier than it looks, it you need assistance – we would be Glad to help, please free to contact one of our professional, signage specialists at 877-862-0840, or email us your design.

6. Does Peachtree City Foamcraft offer LED or EMC lighting components?

While Peachtree City Foamcraft does not manufacturer LED or EMC Signs, we can accommodate our diverse selection of standard monument signs or your custom design to be a perfect match with your LED or EMC components. Our team of skilled, professional monument experts will assist you from Conception to completion making sure the manufacturing process is easy, And installing your components into our signage is seamless. New to installing LED or EMC lighting components ? We can help, send us your LED or EMC Components and we will install them into your monument sign for you, sending a completed monument ready to install.

7. Can Channel Letters be installed in my Monument Sign?

Yes, Channel letters can be installed into your stucco monument sign. Normally each letter has 2 electrical wires, and since our signs have a solid expanded polystyrene core, a way to wire them inside must be used. Depending on the design, sometimes a hollow conduit for the wiring can be built into the structure for the wiring. We advise, that you check with our signage specialists, before submitting a design for a monument with channel letters, as some designs do not permit this, as there isn’t a feasible way to get to the interior of the panel. Call 1-877-862-0840 for more information.

8. Can 23K Gold Leaf be applied to Foamcore monuments?

Yes & No. 23k Gold Leaf cannot be directly applied to our 100% acrylic, stucco textured finish As they area is not smooth and the gold leaf will not hold. However, you can apply your 23k Gold Leaf to HDU Dimensional Letters which can be easily installed on our Foamcore monument signs.

9. Are there any limitations or guidelines for the size of text?

Due to the manufacturing process we use, we suggest all text be 3” high or greater.

10. Can detailed graphics be achieved on my monument sign?

Absolutely! Our team of skilled artists, can provide hand painted pictorials, custom sponge Backgrounds, hand sculpted faux brick and stone and hand sculpted detailed accents just Like an HDU sign! The only limitations we have is on the texture, due to our manufacturing Process – we are unable to achieve a smooth glass style texture, like HDU.

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